King5: ‘Our identity, our consent, our data’: Women in tech seek stronger privacy protections for AI

The President of Women in Cloud says she has seen women in tech negatively impacted due to a lack of online privacy.

Hatch Tribe: Leadership & Prioritizing People and Culture

Effective leadership is not just about making decisions that drive profit or achieve business objectives. It is also about creating a workplace environment where employees feel valued, respected, and inspired. 

Forbes: 14 Industry Leaders Share Advice For Rising Female Tech Professionals

Here, 14 successful women in tech share advice and encouragement, as well as wisdom gained from their own experience, for female tech professionals who want to rise to top leadership positions in the industry.

Disruption Interruption Podcast: Disrupting the Visibility Dilemma: A New Era of Digital Marketplace Dominance with Chaitra Vedullapalli

In this episode Chaitra and KJ discuss go-to-market strategies, greenfield customer acquisition, and the visibility dilemma. 

MarketScale: Empowering Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

Insights from Chaitra Vedullapalli, Co-Founder & President of Women In Cloud.

SEEMA: Mind The (Pay) Gap

The gender pay disparity and broken leadership ladder continue to disadvantage women of color, but a new generation of visionaries are picking up the slack and changing the face of the future…

Medium: The Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Highly Successful Tech Company

Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Chaitra Vedullapalli of Meylah and Women In Cloud On The Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Highly Successful Tech Company

Forbes: 15 Tech Leaders Discuss The Qualities They Look For In Independent Contractors

Freelancers must be reliable and good at communicating. They are an extension of your business, and they generally come at a higher cost than employed staff. 

Unlock Your Magic in 2023 Through Vision Boards While Creating History

It’s a story of how magic happens when you set the right vision with goals. We set a vision in August to set a new Guinness World Record in 2023. Today, we made it happen 🙂

Fortune: The  female  founders hoping to  fix  gender disparity in cloud tech

“Women were never exposed to the mainframe data center, because women were not working in that space, or in some cases, at all,” says Chaitra Vedullapalli, the founder of Women in Cloud.

Forbes: Eight Things Women Should Know About Data Privacy And Protection In The Online World

Data privacy is a serious problem that, if left unchecked, can lead to the loss of financial information, discrimination and other adverse effects, all of which have the potential to impact women years down the line. Here are eight things women should know about data privacy.

LinkedIn: 6 Steps to Craft a Successful Cosell Go-To-Marketing (GTM) Strategy with Cloud Hyperscalers

Cosell marketing has become one of the top marketing channels for company’s with solutions with subscription models. The reason is that it’s a very scalable go-to-market (GTM) option for building sustainable demand generation and lead acquisition through joint channels.

LinkedIn: 10 Commandments of Cosell Marketing with Cloud Hyperscalers

Cloud Cosell Marketing is a new marketing strategy where both companies work together to develop a joint GTM framework that aligns with both companies’ goal & objectives, helps create demand generation, leverage cloud marketplaces, and shows the strength of the joint brand between the two companies.

European Business Review: Designing a Corporate ESG Programme that Attracts, Nurtures, and Retains Women.

Inclusion is the new kid on the block that every company interested in advancement is courting.

Forbes: 15 Industry Leaders Share Helpful, Supportive Resources For Female Tech Professionals

Here, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share the resources they’ve found to be especially helpful and impactful, both for themselves and for female tech professionals in general.

Forbes: How To Create The Ideal Corporate ESG Program To Better Support Women.

Not only do strong ESG programs increase a company’s attractiveness to investors and consumers, but it’s also a great way to bring in top-tier job candidates who value diversity and transparency.

Forbes: Unlock Growth With These Three Pillars Of Digital ESG Strategy.


It’s clear that technology can enhance ESG, but ESG can also enhance technology, and, in turn, businesses and the lives of customers and employees.


Hindustan Times: Woman and the cloud: The potential equalizer in a gender-biased tech industry​.

Cloud technology is one of the greatest enablers today in teh indian business sector with a market that will reach $10.8 billions by 2025

Forbes: How To Create The Ideal Corporate ESG Program To Better Support Women.

Not only do strong ESG programs increase a company’s attractiveness to investors and consumers, but it’s also a great way to bring in top-tier job candidates who value diversity and transparency.

Forbes: Five Reasons To Develop Women To Lead And Influence Your Corporate ESG Operating Models.

By investing in women and developing them as ESG leaders, you’re also investing in the future and success of your business.

Forbes: The Strategic Building Blocks Of Ethical AI: Representation, Governance And Leadership.

Consider three fundamental strategies needed to achieve fairness in AI development and use: executive leader readiness, representation of women and people of color and stakeholder governance.

Forbes: What’s Your Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Strategy Missing?


Organizations that focus on implementing DEI with people in the center will stay ahead in the long run while delivering sustainable growth.

Forbes: Women In The Cloud: Three Strategic Steps To Becoming A Leader In The Cloud Industry.

Remember that, while you will face hardship, the solution is to cut through all the noise, so continue developing yourself professionally and personally and keep paving the way for other women to follow.

Forbes: The Collective Power Of Fortune 1000 Companies.


Imagine the collective economic impact Fortune 1000 companies could create if they consciously invest in doubling supplier diversity for digital innovation.

Forbes: Reviewing The Top AI Ethics Issues That Could Affect The Future Of Women In Tech.

Increasing the number of women working in technical fields, particularly AI, could help eliminate gender bias from creeping into training data used in the development of future AI systems.  

Forbes: The Art And Science Of Using AI Technologies To Accelerate ROI Realization.

But how can you adopt AI to ensure ROI in the post-pandemic world when there is a lack of access to the technology, customer market, investments and community?

Forbes: Tech Pros Predict 12 Trends That Will Dominate The Industry In 2021.

Even as tech leaders continue to cope with the explosion in responsibilities that came with an abrupt shift to remote work, they realize that the industry will continue to evolve and forge ahead with emerging technologies.

Forbes: 10 Ways Women-Led Tech Companies Can Capture The Attention Of Investors.

Female founders in tech face can face steep competition for investor dollars in a crowded marketplace.

12 Effective Ways To Test Your New Tech’s UX.

Before launching a product into the market, it’s important to be sure it offers a good user experience, but being intimately familiar with the product can make it hard for a tech leader to accurately judge that.

14 Important Delegation Lessons Every New Tech Leader Should Learn.

As a leader in any industry, it’s important to understand when to let go of control.

11 Must-Have Features For A Competitive Business Website

In today’s digital-first economy, having a website that both advertises your business and provides a seamless customer experience is not a luxury—it’s table stakes for survival.

Fortune: The female founders hoping to fix gender disparity in cloud tech.

Even as the global cloud computing market reaches an estimated $483.98 billion in value, women make up just 14.2% of its workforce.

Microsoft: Women in Cloud: Creating a global network for economic access.

As a woman, proving myself as not only capable but an expert in the field was a higher mountain to climb. Even today, high school girls my daughter’s age still think of tech as a man’s world.

CIOViews: Enabling Digital Equality and Access to Achieve Economic Prosperity.

Using the power of AI, Cloud, and IoT, Chaitra is fiercely committed to empowering business owners to access the digital economy.

Deutsche Bank – Getting to the top: women in the future of cloud.

Cloud is an invisible infrastructure, but its effects on the world are palpable. What potential does it have for revolutionising the economy?

Voices For Innovation: The Urgent Need to Create Inclusive Access for Women to Join the Technology Industry.

Many tech companies, including Microsoft, recognize the need to diversify while struggling to find employees with needed IT skills. On the workforce side, thousands of women want to pursue careers in tech or improve their tech skills

Medium: 7 Surprising Trends You Didn’t Know About Representation of Women In Cloud and AI Industry

By objectively examining what is favorable and unfavorable for women, we can also identify high level opportunities for change and focus on economic development through this collective action.